Radio Love: broadcast website of the Lady’s Work

Radio Love pertains to the Community of the Lady of All Peoples, which presently brings together the five works founded by Marie-Paule, the humble mother of a family guided by Heaven, who is at the center of the mystery of the new faith.


  • The Army of Mary that fosters personal interior reform;
  • The Family of the Sons and Daughters of Mary, dedicated to the defence and promotion of family values;
  • The Communities of the Sons and Daughters of Mary, consisting of the men and women religious of the Community;
  • The Oblate-Patriots who are men and women preparing themselves, through prayer and study, to work on the social and political levels;
  • The Marialys Institute that is dedicated to the young people and brings together priests faithful to the Church of Christ.

The spirit animating these works carries on with the Marian Catholicism of John Paul II, but its real origin is to be found in Marie-Paule’s life and written work.

Who Is Marie-Paule?

Marie-Paule was born at Lac-Etchemin, Quebec, on September 14, 1921. At the age of 12, this young girl’s life, in all respects similar to the life of other young people, took on a particular orientation. In fact, attentive to the voices from Heaven heard interiorly, she then gave herself to God by offering herself up as a victim for the salvation of souls.

Prompted by an inexpressible love, enduring extreme sufferings, her entire life unfolded in an unfailing fidelity to the offering she had made of herself. Thus, she climbed all the levels of the spiritual life to the point of being able to attain the purest divine State with her entire being.

In obedience to her spiritual director, she wrote an account of her life under the title of Life of Love. It would later be enriched with various complementary writings. This is an incomparable “collection”: a gospel for every day, especially destined for our time; but it is also the collection of the indications from Heaven Marie-Paule received. Under their apparent simplicity, these celestial indications reveal a tremendous and very current Mystery, the one of the Co-Redemption, the second phase of the Total Redemption undertaken by Jesus Christ.

The New Faith

La Quinternité divine

The faith of the members of the Community of the Lady of All Peoples is characterized by the balance and complementarity of the masculine and the feminine, starting with all that is lived on Earth all the way to what it is like in Heaven and in the Divinity.

From that moment, the Divinity is divided into God himself and the Immaculate, the divine Spouse of God. This divine Creator Couple is at the origin of all of Creation. After the Man and the Woman, Adam and Eve, had ascended to the Garden of Eden or Terrestrial Paradise, there was then the Fault and the Fall, for which Jesus Christ the Redeemer two thousand years ago and Marie-Paule the Co-Redemptrix in our time jointly made reparation.

From the union of these four Persons – Father and Son, Mother and Daughter – there proceeds the divine Spirit with which they form the Divine Quinternity. Thus, this Quinternity also includes Mary the Divine and Marie-Paule, and it succeeds the Trinity in Christianity for the time of the Kingdom.

This is a new religion announcing a new era for all of humanity.

The Church of John and Sacred Royalty

The progressive development of the thinking in the Lady’s Work could not indefinitely fit in within the Catholic Church from which it issued. The separation was completed in 2007 when Rome excommunicated all the “members of the Army of Mary”, making up the Lady’s Work.

However, the Lady’s Work does not reject the Church’s rich past, but simply enlightens it with a new light that stems from the new divine intervention in the history of humanity in the person of Marie-Paule.

Since then, two new institutions, indicated by Heaven, came into being, that is, the Church of John, which is the renewal of the Church of Peter for the Kingdom, and then, in 2010, Church Royalty or Sacred Royalty that is to lead souls to the full development of the Kingdom announced and merited by the Lady for all peoples.

Open to All

The Community of the Lady is open to all and is constituted of persons who acknowledge that Marie-Paule is “their” Lady and the Lady of All Peoples. As such and according to Marie-Paule’s own words, the members of the Community are called upon to develop “a profoundly religious soul”, to see “to the welfare of one and all” in order to guarantee “a harmonious, rational and humane development, sustained by a spirituality based on God’s Ten Commandments and on the Gospel”, as well as on the Lady’s teachings contained in Life of Love.

The Community of the Lady is a work with a temporal and spiritual vocation, “encompassing all states of life, all religions”, “all classes of society”. It is governed by three principles: the respect of the rights and duties of every person, the protection of his freedom of being and acting and his reputation, and the responsibility every person has for his actions and their consequences.

The final objective of the Community of the Lady is to remodel life on Earth so that it is in conformity with God’s will, on the individual level all the way to that of the State, in the respect of real Justice, which leads to true Peace and real Joy. That is the path that leads to the Kingdom of God on Earth, as it has been requested in the Lord’s Prayer for two thousand years.