Radio Love: broadcast website of the Lady’s Work

Radio Love pertains to the Community of the Lady of All Peoples; this is the name presently given to the grouping of the five works founded by Marie-Paule, the humble mother of a family guided by Heaven.


  • The Army of Mary that fosters personal interior reform;
  • The Family of the Sons and Daughters of Mary whose purpose is the renewal of the family;
  • The Communities of the Sons and Daughters of Mary that include the men and women religious of the Community;
  • The Oblate-Patriots, instituted for the purpose of conforming politics to the social doctrine of the Church;
  • The Marialys Institute that is dedicated to the young people and brings together priests faithful to the Church of Christ.

The Origin of the Lady’s Work

The spirit animating these works is an extension of the Marian Catholicism of John Paul II but its real origin is found in the life and written work of Marie-Paule. She received the order to give an account of her life and publish it under the title of Life of Love. The series in English consists of 13 volumes as well as various complements, to which must be added the countless articles published in the paper and then the review Le Royaume.

The New Faith

La Quinternité divine

The faith of the members of the works mentioned above is characterized by the balance and complementarity of the masculine and the feminine, from all that is lived on Earth to what it is like in Heaven and in the Divinity.

From that moment, the Divinity is divided into God Himself and the Immaculate, the divine Spouse of God. This divine Creator Couple is at the origin of all of Creation. Then, after the ascension of the Man and the Woman, Adam and Eve, to the Terrestrial Paradise, there was the Fault and the Fall, for which Jesus Christ the Redeemer two thousand years ago and Marie-Paule the Co-Redemptrix in our time jointly made reparation.

From the union of these four Persons, there proceeds the Divine Spirit with which they form the Divine Quinternity. From the union of these four Persons comes the divine Spirit, with whom they form the divine Quinternity. This Quinternity thus also includes Mary the Divine and Marie-Paule, and succeeds the Trinity of Christianity for the time of the Kingdom.

This is a new religion announcing a new era for all of humanity.

The Church of John and Sacred Royalty

The newness of the thinking in the Lady’s Work and the ordination of priests without the support of the Church of Rome had as a consequence that, in 2007, this latter excommunicated all the members of the Army of Mary making up the Lady’s Work.

However, the Lady’s Work does not reject the past from which it has issued but enlightens it with a new light stemming from the new divine intervention in the history of men through the person of Marie-Paule.

Thus, out of necessity, there came into being the Church of John which is the renewal of the Church of Peter with a view to the Kingdom. Then, in 2010, Church Royalty or Sacred Royalty was founded, to lead souls to the full development of the Kingdom announced and merited by the Lady.

Open to All

On the practical level, one must know that there is no solicitation to convince anyone to adhere to the Lady’s Work, for the affirmation of the new faith should suffice to arouse interest. Moreover, everyone is welcomed with joy, regardless of their religion, their social condition or their status in society; everyone is free to enter and everyone is free to leave.

There is no mandatory financial participation or any control whatsoever of anyone’s personal possessions. Donations, entirely voluntary and unsolicited, suffice for the operation of the Work.

Consequently, this is not a sect or some sort of religious grouping, but the humble beginnings of the new religion destined to extend to the dimensions of the world in the course of the third millennium of the Christian era.