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14 . 09 . 2022


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Life of Love, volume 1

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“The imposing collection of fifteen volumes which is Life of Love constitutes a mystical testament that is something completely new in the Church. The grandeur of this ‘Life’ is a function of the grandeur of the times. We know that these times are unique; and this ‘Life’ has something of the unique. Marie-Paule knew that Life of Love would comprise fifteen volumes.” (Excerpts from Raoul Auclair’s Preface)

Volume I, 1920-1958: Marie-Paule was born on September 14, 1921, at Sainte-Germaine-du-Lac-Etchemin, province of Quebec. She married Georges Cliche in 1944, and she is the mother of five children. In her daily concerns and worries, she found her joy in a life of intimacy with her Love, the Lord Jesus. In obedience to her Spiritual Director, she wrote her life entitled Life of Love.

The complete series of written volumes is available through the  boutique Le Rosier d’Or.

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