UNPUBLISHED: Exchange of letters between Father Philippe and a condemned man

Episode 4 (letters 10 and 11)



01 . 03 . 2024


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Father Philippe Roy

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Series of 15 episodes. Discover the continuation of this exchange of letters every Friday.

Divine grace touches the soul of a young sailor, condemned to hanging in 1955. A spiritual friendship develops with Father Philippe Roy, chaplain in the Canadian Marine Corps, who accompanies him in his difficult journey as he struggles to fight against the spirit of evil so that grace may triumph in him. This journey is a witness and an extraordinary experience of God’s mercy.

In a letter to the condemned man, the Padre wrote: “I spoke to you of God’s mercy, an infinite mercy, that surpasses all the crimes that can be committed on earth. It is high time to repeat to you, dear child, that God loves you, that He died to save your soul so that you could be happy with Him forever in eternity. When we have faith, there is no reason to get discouraged. I want to help you. You have to become a great saint.”

We are presenting passages from this exchange of letters, revealing the struggle of a soul striving to get up again, helped by the good Father Philippe Roy’s rich teaching, always so timely.

(Picture: Father Philippe celebrating Mass for his soldiers.)

Échange épistolaire avec un condamné à mort - P. Philippe Roy

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