Moments of Love with Mary

– The Spiritual Letter Box –

Living Anew

I am beginning to live once again, but in the love of Jesus Christ. During my whole life, I have not been following the right path, and therefore been living in darkness. I forgot my baptism and did not know the true love of Jesus and Mary.

I am beginning at the very bottom, with my weaknesses, but with a desire and a thirst to live in God, through Him, with Him and for Him.

I am blossoming out like a flower, or rather, like a child before the beauty and goodness that surrounds me. I am discovering life once again – true life. I am being reborn in Jesus and Mary, I who was lost, who had strayed from religion for more than twenty years. It is a wonderful return to the true religion, the Catholic religion. And I am taking my first steps in pure love, with the help of the good advice of a lady friend who has taught us again how to pray. What happiness, since our consecration to Mary! Clouds drift by, but they are quickly swept away by a smile of acceptance.

I who have wasted so much precious time by refusing the least little vexation, by being infuriated over everything, and especially religion which I trampled underfoot, drawing my husband and my two children along with me. They are still young. Will I, and my husband, be able to make up for lost time and eradicate the evil or the harm I caused them, so that they too may share the joy I am feeling in my heart and which I would like to communicate to everyone?

My past is sad; my present life is sweet, even if I sometimes weep over my life of sin. Help me, for I am afraid, at times, of despairing over not being forgiven.

Johanne X., Quebec City

You are opening up to true life, the only one that brings genuine happiness. The more you will advance along the right path, the more you will see it as being luminous and consoling, even if the remembrance of the “time wasted”, as you say, sometime haunts you, even if life with its worries and its miseries may seem, at times, burdensome and difficult. The right path is the bearer of unsuspected consolations which the soul savors in silence.

You say that you are beginning again “at the very bottom”, with your weaknesses. Well, what counts for God, who is so good and so merciful, are the efforts and the victories. Maintain the vigilant attitude of those who are marching towards God. May the past not be for you a source of discouragement, but a lesson full of experience that is quickly transformed into wisdom, giving you a mature sense of responsibilities and a competent knowledge of the wise laws God gave us for the happiness of one and all.

You desire, and quite rightly so, to lead your family to the true values, Christian resources that are considered to be a sacred gift. Your life, renewed in God, will leave an indelible mark on the soul, and that will encourage your personal contacts with others because one cannot be touched by grace without communicating it zealously to our family and those around us. Furthermore, you will always perceive more and more the transparency of the divine or providential interventions in your life and that will predispose the soul to a contact with the supernatural. Keep the treasure you have just acquired and strive to communicate it to others in the gentleness of a love well understood and lived. Our best wishes accompany you.

Mother Paul-Marie

(Paper “Le Royaume”, no. 45)