Moments of Love with Mary

– The Spiritual Letter Box –

A Wife’s Prayer

I read in the Spiritual Letter Box of the July-August issue, the letter of “Marital Problems” signed “Julie”. It is too bad that this mother does not side with her husband, for he seems the sort that many women would like to have. For my part, I can reassure her by telling her that happiness is working together especially for the Lord and for our neighbor. Let her ask Mary for help and she will find true happiness. To all wives in anguish, I suggest the following prayer which I composed:

“O Lord, my God, I thank you for having created me and I thank you for the husband you have given me. In uniting my life with his, I have learned to love you in loving him. Grant me, O Lord, the necessary graces to make him what you want him to be: good, very good, even perfect. Amen.”

Mrs. R. Thibault, Québec City

What eloquence in so few words! You have truly understood your mission, for the Christian home only achieves its true meaning, its real value, in the degree to which it fulfills its spiritual engagement. How admirable, how great a work of love it is when all efforts are combined in the service of the same ideal!

Has not the Lord purified and exalted all affections by situating them at the pinnacle of spiritual unity? Therein lies the veritable richness of the Christian marriage which, alas, the god, Eros, has prostituted.

The wife who is not seeking comfort and support but who gives and gives of herself without reserve for the good which she desires for her husband, namely, to give him back to God, “good, very good, even perfect”; and who is constantly preoccupied with the spiritual advancement of her children and with the problems which this entails, becomes for everyone the path to that grace which will facilitate the realization of the ideal indicated.


(Review, “L’Armée de Marie”, volume II, numéro 1)