Moments of Love with Mary

– The Spiritual Letter Box –

Parental Concern

I am a grandmother, 71 years old. I raised, in a Christian way, four children, three girls and one boy. The baby that we cherished was “the hope of our old age”, as we sometimes say.

Nineteen years went by! He married a girl whose reputation left much to be desired. Having only one daughter-in-law, I helped her as much as possible because babies came every year. But nothing interested her, except drinking and spending her nights away from home. The children grew up in a house so filthy that it is impossible to describe.

Three years ago, our son started to drink with her. He no longer speaks to us, not to his father of 81 years of age, or to me. My daughter-in-law has never gone to Mass. My son and his children have abandoned their religion.

I need encouragement. Pray for me and for them.

An Afflicted Mother

Numerous are the parents who see, today, their children become victims of a disturbed society. When these children (a glimpse of hope and consolation) in their turn become parents who increase the suffering and worries of grandparents, this becomes a cruel torment.

The passing aberration, as we hope it is, proves again that it is not in religious indifference, nor in inebriety that we find the solution to all our troubles. They only aggravate situations that are unbearable for everyone and give an indication of really painful tomorrows.

I understand your distress, your sorrow. You tried to limit the evil by intervening. Now, you must suffer in silence. Besides, your son’s will is clearly manifested by his voluntary withdrawal. Believe me, these persons suffer more than we think.

Hope can be born when their conscience awakens and makes them accept their sad condition of sickness, and finally start on the road to a slow recovery. The influence of a stranger is often preferable to the paternal or maternal intervention.

You know that the best means to sustain your courage and your hope is recourse to Mary who dispenses all graces.

Have confidence and always be affable in spite of the mistakes committed, because God draws good from evil.

The trial you are undergoing, this sword that wounds your maternal heart, contributes to your sanctification. Nothing is lost of the merits that accumulate which, one day, may be abundantly bestowed upon those who are dear to you. Have confidence.


(Review, “L’Armée de Marie”, volume IV, no. 8)