Minutes d’amour avec Marie

– Courrier spirituel –

The Ligature of the Fallopian Tubes

May I ask you for a prayer? At the age of 21, I had my fallopian tubes tied. You have no idea all the remorse, the sorrow, the tears I have shed since then. I saw a doctor who tried to repair the damage, but it was to no avail. He told me that I would never be able to have any children. That hurts me so much that I cannot get that thought out of my mind. On the other hand, the fact of having tried to correct my error gives me the impression that my sin, which goes back eleven years, has been taken away.

I would like to be able to accept this condition of a woman who no longer has any hope of being a mother. I hope you will be able to understand my suffering. Forgive me if I am bothering you with my troubles. I hope that Jesus and Mary will always help you continue this wonderful Work which does us so much good.

Help me

We open wide our heart to welcome you and love you, to understand you in your distress. If all those who have committed the irreparable could speak up, we would hear so many deeply moving confidences! Would that be enough to dissuade from their plans those who are considering taking the same step towards sterility? I have my doubts, but at least the painful experience of some could certainly bring others to stop and think and thus delay a too-hasty decision and, who knows, perhaps prevent it in some cases.

Under the constantly growing influence of the advent of freedom, of being the master of one’s body by all kinds of modern means, scorning moral values, the world, instead of promoting the human being, is headed ever increasingly in the opposite direction, that of self-destruction, which inevitably brings with it chaos in one’s personal, family and social life. And there are thousands of victims who experience, at one time or anther, the turmoil of distress and regret.

And you ask to be understood. Yes, of course, for the understanding or the compassion that takes an interest in the sufferings of unfortunate ones is a form of charity; it is the “bread of the heart” which we must offer with love. This love, of which Christ spoke so eloquently, urges us to extend a hand, but for there to be a handshake, two hands must be held out at the same time.

In a praiseworthy effort, you took the necessary steps to correct an act that was perhaps done without reflection or at least one that was deeply regretted. Could a fault still prevail over so many tears? God is merciful and He can give us renewed peace, joy and hope, even if the nature of our hope must change because it is inaccessible as a result of an irreversible action.

You are now progressing along a different road. Therefore, you must accept the irrefutable fact and transform it in your life by giving life in another way. With time, that will fulfill you. You will enjoy increasingly the different degrees of friendship, the relationship or bond between souls, to then discover undreamt-of charms. I hope for you, as I do for so many others, that all the tears you have shed will be transformed into joys to be enjoyed along the road of the apostolate. A life without works or deeds is a dismal and fruitless life. It is by means of our manner of loving that we can exercise a fruitful apostolate. The more we are united with God, the stronger our love is and the more fruitful the apostolate. And the more love gives us joy, for everything abounds with charity, a charity that is not content with simply loving God and souls through concrete acts, but that impels us to give ourselves totally for the spiritual welfare of our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. The Savior came to teach us how to love and He has set the example for us.

In a concrete way, you can render other important services to the life of a human being, for example: adoption, educational works, helping the handicapped or other families, etc.

This spiritual maternity is accessible to you at all times. It is by devoting yourself to it, inside and outside your home, that you will finally be able to forget the tragedy in your life, replacing it by an unflagging action, as you remember the parable of the lost sheep, the teaching of which reminds us that we still have the duty today of never stopping to work towards our sanctification and that of our brethren. Be a soul that has received the anointing of love, acting out of love and for Love. There you have true happiness.

Mother Paul-Marie

(Paper “Le Royaume”,no. 49)