Moments of Love with Mary

– The Spiritual Letter Box –

Family Problems – 2

I am writing once more, to thank you. Your reply to me was so touching that I cried for joy. The words, the truths you set down moved me so deeply. How true it is that through the sufferings of our own calvary we can come closer to God and say to Him: “Thy will be done,” for His will is the best. When we have reached this point, the good Lord makes use of us. We are human beings but we are made spiritual. It is here that our tribulations change into joy, for our will is now God’s will which desires that we do good in charity and love.

The Spiritual Letter Box is a source of light. We feel in it Christ and His Mother. The understanding shown, the inspired words – how comforting they are! It bring us happiness and joy; it revives our faith. You have done so much good for my husband.

My entire life has been dedicated to Mary. How many times have I not offered her my husband, who bears her name: Jean-Marie. I have always been certain that one day he would come back to the right way…

A poor mother

For the benefit of our readers, I should say here that the mother who wrote the above letter is the one whose letter appeared in the Spiritual Letter Box of the March issue.

“Our tribulations change into joy,” you say. How right you are! “He who sows in tears, reaps in song.” It is true that life has been hard for you, and is still presenting you with occasions for meriting. But what remains after all of this, if not an interior peace which binds you to God and draws you increasingly to the total giving of self for the greater glory of God?

Our Christianity is so rich in beauty, in values, in possibilities. To consent to carry the cross proffered, is to open the way to a rapid ascent to the heights of pure love in a complete liberation from “self”, so much so that the soul, completely won by God, will undertake any sacrifice to bring to Him the greatest number of souls possible.

This soul, pacified, bereft of all, but enriched by its quiet assent, knows a fulfilling joy and, as you so rightly say, it “cries for joy”; this, I am sure, in a poignant sweetness, for your life has been imbued with the message of the cross which runs through so many pages of the Gospel. You live in a marvelous union with Mary, drawing from her Immaculate Heart the courage you need, the upsurges of love, the confident beseeching in order that you might not compromise the ideal you have glimpsed.

You know, of course, that you are not yet at the end of the road. You will experience great joys yet, and also certain hidden sufferings which God alone will see. But your serenity will never be shaken.

Our faith offers us great riches to help the soul rise above itself, find happiness as it perceives the efficacy of its service, the reality of good influence, the redemptive value. It is something truly grand! Oblation is lightened by hope and illumined by a happy spiritual fecundity.

Suffering which is willingly accepted always bears fruit. Sooner or later God causes it to flower. Remain confident.


(Review, “The Army of Mary”, volume I, no. 7)