Moments of Love with Mary

– The Spiritual Letter Box –

Anxiety and Anguish

I am the mother of a family, happy in my home with my three children who are growing up and in good health. I do not know why I am always in a state of anxiety even about things which never happen. It causes me much anguish.

In a few weeks I am to undergo an operation, and I haven’t stopped torturing myself about this, to such an extent that I am driven to crying. And it is like this in many other cases. I would like to get over this habit because my husband seems at times to be getting fed up with it. I think highly of the answers given in this column. I hope I can benefit from your good advice. Thank you.

Mrs. J.-C. A.

This crying which you find difficult to repress may be the result of a state of depression. The coming operation would indicate that you are not in the best of health, doesn’t it?

Nevertheless there is one very good way to mitigate this anguish which seizes you, and the anxiety from which you suffer. In spite of the climate of insecurity which is generally prevalent and which affects even the most stolid, there is, on a more elevated level, one source of peace, of calm, and of serenity. This source is God. Yes, having recourse to God, totally abandoning ourselves to Him under all circumstances, allows us to gain those graces which are needed if we are to have the courage to surmount all difficulties. This is why you see people of poor health courageously undergoing periods of trial while living in insecurity.

But there is a secret which must never be forgotten; the necessary grace always accompanies the event at the time it occurs. That is why it is useless to worry over that which may never happen. We have no control over the future and we cannot support suffering which is the product of our imagination. God sends the strength and the graces at the hour they are really needed, and so great is His aid that the worry of yesterday is turned into a joy which increases one’s courage at the moment of trial.

This very fundamental formation, this confidence in God, is acquired little by little, and it becomes the springboard which gives us a strong spiritual impetus whereby we can dominate all the unforeseen events and the demands of life with a serenity which is reflected in the equilibrium of the family.

And while you are initiating yourself into this program of confidence in God, of loving abandonment to Him, it would be the opportune time to introduce your children to it so that when they need comfort and help they will come to you. Their psychic and psychological balance depends upon this.

The formation thus received is probably the most profound form of love which a mother can give, for it demands of her the total and unremitting giving of self with a constant reference to God. Thus, unbeknown to yourself, all your efforts converge towards the domination of a personality that is strong and likeable, so much the stronger since it is centered in the very source of strength and true love.


(Review, “L’Armée de Marie”, volume II, no. 1)