The Mystery of Divine Wisdom

“Let us admire Jesus throughout His Passion. In all situations, He remained tranquil and gentle. From the kiss given Him by Judas to the agony on the Cross, He found Himself in all kinds of situations in which it was most difficult to remain silent.

He was the victim of such flagrant injustices; all kinds of false accusations were brought against Him; He was forced to endure such brutal and inhuman sufferings.

People were surprised to see Him suffer all of that without saying a word. The violence and the pain should have drawn a few words from Him, but He did not reply.

Witnesses came forth; He was accused without any proof, without reason, even without any apparent reason. But Jesus remained silent.

He had the best reasons in the world for reacting: giving glory to His Father, defending His doctrine, avoiding scandal; He would lose all the fruit of His activities.

The high priests gave Him a command, Pilate pressured Him, Herod interrogated Him, but Jesus remained silent. He would not have sinned. He would have given very edifying replies, but the one who is the Word of the Father chose to remain silent.

How then can we find reasons to grumble or complain.

Jesus’ silence gives value to all our secret crosses.

Lord, we pray for all those who cannot defend themselves, for those who are persecuted because of the truth of Christ, for all those whose silence is a prayer, for those who do not have the right to speak out. So that the Word of God may unite all peoples in the same Truth and so that the spirit of communion may preserve us from saying anything that may cause division, Lord, teach us to say from the very depths of our hearts:

Our Father, who art in heaven; hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.”

(by Saint Claude de la Colombière, S.J.)

Lord Jesus, we come knocking at the door of your tabernacle, for we want to talk with you, far from the crowd. We want to share our secrets with you, have a heart-to-heart talk with you like the Apostle John or like Lazarus, Martha and Mary.

Open, Lord Jesus, open wide the doors of your Heart, for it is the thirst of loving you and making you loved that impels us to come to you with a sweet and holy violence. We have not come to ask you to show yourself to us in the splendor of the Tabor that dazzled the three privileged Apostles.

But, happier even than those three close friends, we have come to request of your infinite mercy another revelation, the most beautiful, the most fruitful, namely, the revelation of your merciful Heart in the gift of your divine Eucharist. It is there, in your magnanimous love, that we wish to get to know you…

Therefore, open to your friends this ineffable wound… It is during the Holy Hour, a prayer you yourself invented, O King of Love, that you wish to receive your confidants and give them, in return, your loving revelations, the prelude to that eternal intimacy that will one day exist between your Heart and ours.

May Mary repeat to you what our lips can only stammer, what our begging hearts cannot express. Our helplessness beseeches you, in complete trust and humility, to speak to our souls yourself during this Holy Hour.

O Word of God, come once again, come into the depths of our hearts to repeat to us the words which inebriate the blessed, those same words your Mother has kept in her heart and the Apostles in their souls for the salvation of the world. Repeat those words of supreme truth and eternal life to us. Speak, oh speak, Jesus of Love, your friends are listening!

“O you who desire a knowledge of the secrets of my Heart, strive to merit Wisdom, and, beginning on earth, you shall possess all, for you shall possess God, who shall speak in you, guide you, console you, elevate you, and make you my friends and prophets of the Most High. You shall then understand, speak, and see, not with your capacities, but with the sight and mind of Him who is in you as the Holy of Holies in his living tabernacle.

You, O my dear brothers and sisters, shall be as was my Mother when She bore Me in her womb and I communicated to Her my movements of love. Mary, the most precious and chaste veil for the Living, Wise and Holy One, already infused with Wisdom because of her superangelical purity, was one with Wisdom when Love made Her the Mother of incarnate Wisdom. The same is true for you when, through the Eucharist, I am in your hearts, and with your hearts wanting to live by God, you become one with Me….

Be “Marys” for Me. Bear the Christ within you. The world, in the midst of so much useless science, needs to have those who communicate true Wisdom. And those who have Me in themselves – indeed, those who annul themselves in Me  even if they do not say anything –, communicate wisdom by their works, for their works witness to God.

Many ask to be seated at my side in the Kingdom of glory; yet, they would like here below a sensitive love, a convenient devotion, an easy virtue… They do not give any value to a love that is prepared to go all the way to the cross, to sacrifice. I receive professions which, alas, are often only the effects of a passing enthusiasm, the vague impulses of a love that is not rooted in the depths of the soul.

When I show myself in the attitude of the suffering Man as Pilate presented me to the crowd, when I suggest to my friends the desire to share the glory of wearing the royal mantle stained with the red of my blood, oh! then, they withdraw, and often I am left alone with my Mother, John and Madeleine.

Do you not want to join this courageous little family? Are you too going to abandon me when I ask you to follow me on Calvary? Answer me!”

(cf. Maria Valtorta’s Notebooks)

Divine Savior of our souls who have wished to leave us your precious Body and your precious Blood in the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar, we adore you therein with a very profound respect and we very humbly thank you for all the graces you grant us through it. We ask you, somewhat fearfully, to deign to grant us also the wisdom of the Cross.

Yes, Jesus, crucified Master, we also adore you along your way of the cross. Thinking of all our family worries, the distressing bereavements, the interior trials, the illnesses that try us, we say to you, our hearts filled with love, “We want to love you more and more.”

O most sweet Jesus, you who came into the world to give to all souls the life of grace and who, to preserve it and nourish it in them, have desired to be their remedy and their daily food, we humbly implore you, through your Heart enkindled with love for us, to spread your holy Spirit over our families.

May the souls that have strayed from God convert and may those that already live of the divine life devoutly receive as often as possible the Holy Eucharist. We ask you, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, to grant us the grace of attaining the blessed life in heaven where you live with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Here we are in adoration before the Eucharistic Jesus who still speaks to us as God did in former times to our “forefathers”.

“Listen, my people; I will speak and bear witness to you. I am your God! I am the great King, the Only One. From sunrise to sunset, in all places, a sacrifice is being offered to my name, a pure offering is being made, for my Name is great among all nations.”

Here we are in adoration before this King who, long ago, said: “The Lord’s eyes rest on those who seek Him. He is a powerful protector, a solid support, He is the sustaining force that prevents falls. He uplifts the soul, illuminates the eyes; He gives health, life and blessings.”

Here we are in adoration before this God of whom the Bible says: “He who adores the Lord in joy will be well received and his prayer will rise to the clouds; the prayers of the humble even penetrate the clouds until the Most High considers them.”

Here we are in adoration before this God who proclaims: “I am the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End!”

We are before the Eucharistic Jesus who said to us: “I am the light of the world; he who follows me does not walk in darkness.”

“I am the Good Shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.”

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one goes to the Father except through me. Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

“I am the Living Bread come down from heaven; he who eats this Bread will live forever.”

“I have come so that all may have Life and have it to the full, for, without me, you can do nothing.”

“I am with you all the days of your life, to the end of the world. And all power has been given me on earth and in heaven.”

“I am King!… That is why I came into the world to bear witness to the Truth. Whoever knows the Truth listens to my voice.”

We are in adoration before the Son of God and, through Him, in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity. Therefore, why not make our own these words of the prophet to God:

“Lord, listen to my words, heed my calls, O my King and my God, for my prayer is addressed to you.”

“I want to praise you with all my heart; I want to prostrate myself in adoration in your holy temple and praise your name because of your goodness and your fidelity.”

“The day I called to you, you heard my prayer; you have fortified and strengthened my soul.”

“All the great ones of this world will praise you, Lord, when they will have learned the words uttered by your mouth.”

“They will celebrate the Lord’s ways, for His glory is great.”

“The Lord is on-high and yet He gazes upon the humble and gives a distant look to the proud.”

“Lord, I am invoking you, listen to my voice. May my prayer rise before you like incense, and my hands like the night offering.”

“Lord, here we are before you. Lord, here we are in adoration.”

“Lord, here we are before your face. Lord, here we are in adoration, in the presence of your love.”

Remember, Our Lady of the Eucharistic Heart, the infallible power Jesus gave you over His Heart in the Sacrament of His love. Remember that you possess all His infinite riches and that your divine Son always grants your requests and your desires.

O Virgin of the Host, most pure Virgin, receive our prayer and deign, in reply, to grant us many blessings. Deign to fill our souls, burning them with the sacred fires of the Eucharistic Heart. Grant that we be hosts like you, with the Eucharistic Jesus. Reveal to us the flood of peace and charity pouring forth from the tabernacle.

Our Lady of the Eucharistic Heart, grant our prayer and give us an ardent love for the Eucharistic Jesus, as we wait to be presented with you to His eternal Court. Amen