Mary and the Eucharist

Let us ask Mary to help us adore and give praise to Jesus our Savior, present before us in the Holy Eucharist.

Hail, Mary, you who gave us the Eucharistic Jesus. We greet you with all the saints in heaven who had the greatest love for the Eucharist.

With those who were best able to thank you for having prepared for us the Body and Blood of our Savior, we thank you.

Virgin Mary, adore the Eucharistic Jesus with us, there present on the altar.

The Lord is with you, Mary, and with us every day. Help us to savor and to understand this divine Presence.

Help us even more to benefit from this presence of our Savior, to remain in Him so that He may remain in us.

Blessed are you among all women, because you were the first Chalice, the first Ciborium, the first Monstrance of the One who immolated Himself for us and who dwells with us.

Virgin Mary, on our behalf, bring consolation to the Host that has been the most neglected, the most abandoned in the empty churches, the Host that does not receive a single word of love throughout the day.

O Mary, because Jesus is the blessed fruit of your womb, be our Advocate in order to praise and thank the Eucharistic Jesus.

Let us adore Jesus hidden in Mary, concealed from us in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.

Jesus, Son of Mary and our Brother, we want you to live in us as you lived in Mary, in the measure of our desires, to the extent that we will accomplish your divine will.

Virgin Mary, teach us to enter with Jesus and with you into the plans of our heavenly Father, so that we may be like little living hosts.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Mother of the Eucharistic Jesus, look down upon all the Hosts of the earth, in the same way that you bent over your little child in Bethlehem. With Jesus, we greet you and thank you.

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, pray for us poor sinners, pray for all peoples. May all understand the Eucharist more and more; may they discover the gift of God and learn that the Word made flesh is still dwelling among us; may they go to Him and let themselves be sanctified by Him.

Mother of the Eucharistic Jesus, pray for us now, so that we may participate in Christ’s sacrifice just as you participated in it. Grant that we may participate in Holy Mass with the same sentiments that filled your heart at the foot of the Cross.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Mother of Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament, be with us now, that we may learn to live through the Host and for the Host. Adore with us the Body and Blood of your divine Son. Console the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus for us wherever It is the most abandoned, wherever It does not receive a single word of love.

Mother of Jesus who became a Host for us, grant that all Christians who die today may receive worthily the holy Viaticum. And grant, O good and powerful Virgin, that all may receive the grace of dying with sentiments of thanksgiving for all the Masses attended and for all the Communions received. Amen.

Prayer to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

O most sweet Jesus who came into the world to give all souls the life of grace and who, in order to preserve and nourish it in them, wished to be the remedy and the daily food of their weakness, we humbly implore you, through your Heart enkindled with love for us, to spread your divine Spirit over all souls, so that those souls that, alas, are in a state of mortal sin may return to you and recover the life of grace they lost, and so that those souls already living of this divine life through your help, may come to you devoutly in the Holy Eucharist every day, if they can, so that by this means, they receive the antidote to their venial sins and that which nourishes in them the life of grace every day, so that, thus, they may finally possess eternal life with you. Amen.

Saint Bernard’s Entreaty to the Virgin Mary

“May we have access to your Son through you, O blessed Virgin, who found grace, who are the mother of salvation, so that, through you, we may receive the One who was given to us.

May your spotless purity be, next to Him, like an apology for the stain of our corruption. May your humility, so pleasing to God, obtain leniency for our vanity.

May your abundant charity cover the multitude of our sins, and may your glorious fruitfulness increase our merits.

O our Queen, our Mediatrix, our Advocate, reconcile us with your Son, present us to Him.

Through the grace that is yours, through the prerogative you merited, through the mercy to which you gave birth, grant, O blessed Virgin, that Jesus Christ, our Lord, who, through you, deigned to share in our infirmity and our wretchedness, may make us share in His glory and His beatitude, once again through your intercession, He who is above all things, the blessed God for ever and ever. Amen.”

O Mary, the one who truly loves cannot tolerate the darkness; he needs light and a fullness of light. Grant that our souls may be open to this fullness of light which is a knowledge of Jesus and of His sublime mysteries.

O Mary, you are truly the Mother of knowledge. But we can also say that you are more particularly the Mother of faith in the Eucharist. We have a lively faith only when it is nourished with the bread of life and knowledge.

O Mary, Mother of God, we bemoan our wretchedness; in times of incredulousness, lead us to the Eucharist. If our faith wavers, bring us as close as possible to that source of light which is the Eucharist, the center of our religion, the summary of our faith.

That is why we come to you, O Mary. It is the privilege and joy of your children to be able to come to you who wish to lead us to God. That is your prerogative and it will be your role even in heaven, for the Church has us sing: “O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary, after our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of your womb, Jesus.”

What a delightful sight for the elect! For all eternity, Mary will be “the radiant monstrance of Jesus!”

O sweet Mary, carry on this ministry in time, and show us, reveal to us, your divine Son in the Blessed Sacrament.

Grant that we may believe in the love of Jesus in His Sacrament of love. Grant that we may know Jesus alone, the Eucharistic Jesus.

May we like to come and adore Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament. As we come up to the altar, let us repeat with joy and fervor this prayer of the Holy Church: “Hail, O sacred and real Body of Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary!” Amen.