Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament

O Jesus, my good and very sweet Jesus, how happy I am to be able to spend a half-hour with you, to listen to you, talk to you, my divine Friend.

In former times, the crowds would sometimes walk for hours and hours without food, only to be near you, to ask for consolations and blessings from you, to listen to you speak. As for me, good Jesus, I can find you here with such ease… Grant me the grace to like to keep you company before the Blessed Sacrament so as to adore you.

Act of Faith

Lord Jesus, you are close to me in the monstrance. I believe that you see me, that you know my most intimate thoughts. You know my good will as well as my weaknesses. My wretchedness holds no secret for you. I believe that you listen to me tenderly when I talk to you heart to heart.

I believe that your loving gaze rests on me in the same way that it rested on the rich young man, on the repentant Peter and on all those who searched for the truth. I believe that your Sacred Heart, pierced for me on the cross, burns with love for me, here, at this very moment.

– My God, you who created heaven and earth through your own power,

All: I believe that you are here present.

– You who became a little child in the manger at Bethlehem,

– You who spent thirty years in the humble home in Nazareth,

– You who desired to die on the cross to open wide the gates of heaven for me,

– You whom the angels adore day and night hidden in the humble tabernacle,

– My God, increase my faith so that I may say to you with an ever deeper respect:

I believe that you are here present.

Act of Adoration

O Jesus, I acknowledge that I am your creature, poor and weak. On my own I am nothing, and even less than nothing.

I am aware of my own complete helplessness, of my deep wretchedness, and I adore you, O infinite God.

You are my Creator, my Lord and my Master. At every instant, I receive from you existence, life, all my natural and supernatural endowments and all my capabilities.

I am happy to depend on you with all that I am and all that I possess, to the point where without your help, I am absolutely incapable of doing anything.

That is why I expect so much from you and from your grace and I repeat with Saint Paul the Apostle: “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.” Yes, Jesus, with your holy grace, I can become a saint and do much good.

Not only do I acknowledge you as my Creator, Lord and Master, but also as the Creator of all that exists outside of you. I rejoice over the fact that you are the Lord and Master of all that is. I believe that your holy Providence guides all the events in the world, as it does all the circumstances of my life to the slightest detail. You accomplish this with kindness and wisdom for your greater glory and my greater good.

O good Jesus, I confide to you my worries, knowing that you watch over the welfare of those who are faithful to you. I place all my confidence in you. Do with me as you wish.

Lord Jesus, you are all-powerful. You know everything. You are infinitely wise and good. I give you glory, knowing that you are worthy of all praise. I adore you in union with Mary, Lady of All Peoples, and with all the angels and saints in the heavenly court.

– O beloved Jesus, to you all our homage with love and respect,

All: Jesus, I adore you.

– To you, all my thoughts, my words, my deeds and my sufferings,

– To make up for my helplessness, to you all the homage of heaven and earth,

– To you, all the adoration, the praise and the love of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

– My God, increase in me the spirit of adoration, so that I may repeat to you, with a more generous heart,

Jesus, I adore you.

Act of Love

The saints love without measure. During their short life on earth, they sacrificed everything out of a pure and selfless love. And yet, O Jesus, their love was but a pale reflection of your love.

Lord Jesus, grant that I may be able to truly love you in return. Grant that I may be able to love so much that I will not desire anything other than you who are infinitely worthy of being loved above all things. May all creation mean nothing to me anymore if it is not in relation with you.

O sweet Jesus, in this short time spent in your company, please enkindle in me the fire of your love and your generosity. I ask you to do the same for all those who are dear to me. I desire that all men may come to love you with all their heart!

O good Jesus, you became man to save us; thus how great our love of you and our gratitude to you should be! Your Incarnation is the great mystery of your infinite mercy. Your birth, not in wealth and honor but in a poor stable, is a great teaching for us. We can admire your great love there, in Bethlehem, for you gave yourself to humanity in the greatest poverty. Then, you gave yourself to us on the cross. Finally, not wanting to leave us to ourselves, you thought of the marvelous Eucharist, the sign of your loving presence among us. Yes, we want to love you with all our heart.

– O very good God, you who have loved me so much, I too want to love you with all my heart.

All: Jesus, I love you.

– You who immolate yourself on the holy altar for me every day,

– You who give me your divine Body as nourishment in Holy Communion,

– Yes, I love you because you are infinitely good, infinitely worthy of all love.

– I love you more than I love my parents and my friends, more than everyone.

– And I would like to love you so much more, and see you loved by all men.

– My God, increase my charity so that I may say to you with an ever greater fervor,

Jesus, I love you.


O good Jesus, it is with confidence that I make known my petitions to you, knowing that you always listen to and answer the prayers of your faithful.

First of all, I beseech you for the grace to be able to love you more fervently and to be able to follow you more faithfully, so that I may contribute to your being loved more and more.

Lord Jesus, help me to think of you more often, to serve you also through my deeds. Help me to resemble you more and more and to spend myself as you did, until the very last instant of my life, out of pure love, for the good of all my brethren and for your glory.

Lord, bless each one of my undertakings, provided that they contribute to my eternal happiness. Purify my apostolate of all attachment and all pride, so that it may truly bear a spiritual fruit.

O sweet Jesus, see to it that the children, they whom you prefer, come to you and love you with a sincere love. Give them good teachers, deeply religious and exemplary.

O sweet Jesus, I entrust the young people to you, that they may live in purity and be filled with love in the service of their brethren, abiding in friendship with you and for you. May they have the desire of accomplishing much good and of being your apostles.

O sweet Jesus, give us, through Mary, many holy vocations, both priests and religious. Grant that fathers and mothers may experience the joy of sacrificing themselves in the faithful fulfillment of their responsibilities, and bless all families.

Lord Jesus, be my life. May I follow you, may all my actions be for you, and may I be ready to accept any and all sacrifices for love of you. Amen.