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18 - Beauty!



04 . 04 . 2024


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18 - Beauty!


The Daughter of Mary

La Beauté!

Dear Friend,

– “Mathilda, you are going to stop by Mrs. Izabella’s, arent’t you? She asked that you go by her place.”

 – “Yes, mother.”

Bouquet de fleursWith long strides, Mathilda rapidly covers the few streets separating her from Mrs. Izabella’s house, this elderly lady for whom Mathilda’s mother does some housecleaning as well as helping her out in many other ways. Once there, she rings the doorbell. After a few minutes Mrs. Izabella appears, welcoming her with her slightly asymmetrical smile and her right eye invariably half closed, the consequences of a facial paralysis.

 – “Ah, my dear! Come in! Come in! I have something for you.”

While she went away, with short, quick steps, Mathilda looked at the pictures on the wall. What a beautiful lady, Mrs. Izabella was! The paralysis and time have taken from her the beauty of a perfectly harmonious face. However, this dear friend is nevertheless a wonderful and great lady. Formerly a university professor, she continues to be very cultivated, always looking to learn all kinds of new things, and this makes her a very interesting person. She likes children very much in spite of the fact that she was unable to have any, and it must be said that she has a soft spot for Mathilda. Once we know her, we soon forget her facial appearance, and quickly come to love her because she is so very likeable.

violon et fleurs– “Look, Mathilda, I found this for you in the store: ‘From my book of melodies’.
– “What is it? A CD? Of whom?
– “Well, it is by Alma Deutscher, a young pianist, violinist and composer who is 15 years old, who was born in England, but who is living in Vienna, Austria, where the great Mozart was born. Among other things, Alma writes marvelous compositions for orchestras. She wants to compose beautiful things, only beautiful pieces, never accepting that there be discordant notes in what she writes, as is the trend today, because she has understood that all of us need beauty in our world. It is her mission to offer beauty to the world through lovely music. She also wants her compositions, her melodies and her harmonies to be as beautiful as possible, pleasant to the ear and fortifying for the soul. I am so happy that you will be able to get to know her.”


As you read these lines quietly in your room, pause a little to think of something beautiful: for example, a star-studded sky, contemplated for a long time, far from the city, in a place filled with silence; a mother cat playing with her kittens; a well-written story in which the words express the thoughts so well; a house that is neat and tidy and tastefully decorated; a baby with its tiny little nose, its pink lips, its soft and unmarked skin, sleeping peacefully; the tenderness of a mother; the moral strength of a person who responds to hatred with kindness; or a person who chooses purity over the easy path.

All of this speaks to us of beauty. Isn’t our heart touched by it?

une pluie d'étoiles

Concerning the formation she received from her mother, Mother Paul-Marie wrote: “Mother takes great pleasure in teaching me to appreciate all the good things of life: nature, dignity, simplicity, charity, kindness, piety, religion, music and truth. Her mother’s heart knows so well how to arouse in me the same sentiments which flow from hers. I retain something from each of these talks, something indefinable, something beautiful and grand, something of an ideal which inerrantly and easily leads to the Creator.” (Life of Love, I, chap. 2, p. 31)

Beauty arouses in us deep sentiments of admiration, happiness, exhilaration; it produces elation or a silence filled with wonder; it seduces, charms or fascinates us; it makes our heart melt or it takes our breath away; it elevates us and encourages us to become better. Beauty reveals the Invisible, God, the Author of everything that is beautiful, and it is a reflection of Him.

Like the young Alma – but it isn’t necessary that you be a child prodigy! – you too can spread beauty among those around you. You will do so in your own way, a unique way, in keeping with who you are, and also according to your gifts and talents. It can be so simple: with a loving and happy smile, or by dressing in an elegant and gracious manner instead of in a provocative one, you can touch hearts. And there are so many other ways of doing this!

So, make of your soul something beautiful, bear within you the ideal of beauty and you will participate in making the world more beautiful.

May that be our resolution in this New Year just beginning.

The Daughters of Mary


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