Frequently Asked Questions

The website Radio Love has been tested for use with the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11, as well as for mobile units working with iOS or Android. If you are using one of these browsers and are experiencing difficulty, please check one of the following solutions:

  • Problem: the video does not start.
    1. Press F5 to refresh your screen.
    2. If you are on the page “live” for a live broadcast, make sure that an event is in fact being broadcast live at that time. Otherwise, click on the tab “View” to have access to the recorded videos.
    3. Make sure the most recent update for your Internet browser has been properly installed.
  • Problem: The video is jerky and cuts in and out all the time.
    1. Make sure your Internet supplier is offering you the proper speed to enable you to view the video live. You can check out the speed of your Internet connection by going to the website For a maximum of fluidity, the result in “download” must be equal or superior to 3 Mbps (We recommend 5 Mbps). Please note that at certain times when the Internet network is heavily solicited because many people are connected, this overloads the system and may temporarily slow your speed.
    2. Check that the cord linking your computer to your Internet outlet and to your wall outlet is properly plugged in and that it is not damaged, crushed or pinched.
    3.  If you are using a wireless connection, make sure that it is functioning properly and that you are in an area in the house where you can receive a sufficiently strong signal.
    4. The video broadcast is done using 3 speeds (or qualities): mobile (270p), medium (480p) and HD (720p). By default, the viewer is trying to automatically adjust your quality (or speed) to your bandwith. Going from one speed to another can sometimes cause the image to freeze. To avoid that, try to manually select the speed you want at the bottom of the viewer, between the scroll bar and the Livestream logo.
  • Problem: There is a picture but no sound.
    1. Make sure your loudspeakers are properly connected, that they are turned on and the volume turned up.
    2. Check if you have sound on another website or on your computer. If not, then the volume on your computer may be set on the “mute” mode. Deactivate this mode by going to the audio parameters on your computer.
    3. Make sure other applications are not interfering with the reader required by this website. For example, make sure that a music software is not open or in use at the same time.
  • Problem: The website is not appearing clearly on my computer screen.
    1. The website Radio Amour (or Radio Love) has been designed using HTML 5 and is optimized for the following browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (version 10+), Opera, Safari and Firefox. However, the information is not processed in the same manner by all search engines. If you have problems viewing the website, make sure that you have the latest available update for your browser. If the problem continues, try using another search engine. Radio Amour recommends Chrome (except on Win 8), Opera or Safari.

If your problem or its solution is not listed above, please submit it to us with as precise a description as possible by going to Contact Us.We will make it a point of replying to your questions.