Sacred Concert
“The Rosary”

by the Choir of the Immaculate
September 28, 2003

September 2003, the Choir of the Immaculate

In the year 2003, decreed the Year of the Rosary by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, the Choir of the Immaculate performed a repertoire for the occasion, thus fostering a meditation of the different mysteries of the rosary.

Father Hervé Lemay, O.FF.M.

Sister Jacqueline Vermette, O.FF.M.
Andrée-Anne Caron

Caroline Nault
Catherine and Hélène Therrien

Marie-France Therrien
Father Jean-François Mastropietro, O.FF.M.

Trumpet players:
Benjamin Raymond
Jean-Philippe Laprise

* * *

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The Choir of the Immaculate

Enjoy listening to it!

Domina Omnium Populorum

Joyful Mysteries

Ave Maria

Kyrie from “Missa Pastoralis”

Sancta Maria

Gloria (Introduction)

Mysteries of Light

I Waited for the Lord

Mater amabilis

Laudate Dominum

Trumpet – Prelude Te Deum

Sorrowful Mysteries

Sanctus “Missa Pastoralis”

Benedictus “Missa Pastoralis”

Agnus Dei

Maria Mater gratiae

Glorious Mysteries

Let All Men Praise the Lord

Tu Virginum corona

Te Deum

Duration: 1 hour