To Sing Is to Pray Twice!

“The more we love God and the Church of Christ, the more do we love the wonderful liturgy and the sacred singing. The liturgy has a soul which causes us to vibrate, with a resonance that reaches to the innermost depths of our heart. The choir, deeply imbued with this sentiment of respect and adoration, then executes hymns, the bearers of a divine unction that elevates and stirs up the gathering disposed to converse with God of whom it perceives that mysterious side which attracts and embraces. The Word of God seems to be living in us and vitalizing us. Pope Pius X said, ‘It is my wish that beauty should pervade the prayer of my people.’ In fact, everythng contributes to the glorification of God and the sanctification of souls.”

– Mother Paul-Marie

Here are audio recordings of a few sacred concerts performed by the Choir of the Immaculate.

Christmas (2002)

The Rosary (2003)

Christmas (2003)