Welcome to the Radio Love website, the official portal for the activities taking place at the Eucharistic and Marian Center Spiri-Maria located at Lac-Etchemin, province of Quebec, Canada. On it, it is possible to follow daily Mass, pray the rosary, listen to sacred music (concerts). You will also find pages of spirituality, prayers and meditations as well as catechism courses, etc. If you run into technical difficulties, you may consult the FAQ section. If need be, do not hesitate to contact us. Have a pleasant visit!

Triduums of prayer

Since 2002, triduums of prayer have been held every year at the shrine Spiri-Maria around the dates of May 31 and September 14.


At Fatima, Mary promised that her Immaculate Heart would be victorious and she asked us to recite the rosary every day.

Sacred Concerts

“Singing is praying twice.” The Choir of the Immaculate uplifts souls with the beauty of sacred hymns.


The late Father Philippe Roy left us a catechetical teaching from which we can still benefit today

  • What a spiritual blessing Radio Love is, especially when distance or illness prevent us from participating in the activities going on at Spiri-Maria. Radio Love is one of the many accomplishments of the Lady, willed by Heaven for the support of souls. It is an open window on this blessed land of Spiri-Maria.–Sr. Louise Hélie

  • I followed the ceremonies of the last triduum on Internet, a period of peace and light that fills the thirsting soul. Deepest gratitude to all those who participate in the preparation and unfolding of those wonderful days of grace.–Guylaine Gauvin

  • I pray the rosary and listen to Mass every day on Internet. What a joy to be able to benefit from the Eucharistic celebration thanks to Radio Love! The priests offer us a liturgy and a teaching that are so profound. I do not want to miss a single Mass.–Berthe Tousignant

  • Thank you very much for the Vespers broadcast on Internet after the rosary Sunday evening. In my youth, I seldom missed Sunday Vespers. Now, I can follow them at Spiri-Maria from my home. That is marvelous.–Huguette Curé

  • For me who am far from the Center and do not have an opportunity to participate in your ceremonies regularly, it is sometimes hard to maintain the spirit of the Work. But with the possibility that Radio Love offers us, it encourages and motivates me.–Diane Larose